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Egoraptor character contest

2010-05-16 12:35:19 by LordPain96

Uploaded my character to the contest.

Pointless news post, yeah.

Upgrade Complete

2009-06-28 11:07:54 by LordPain96

I recently went on Upgrade Complete with lord-jed and we/he beat it.

2000 seconds.

Well, it's comfirmed.

2009-05-11 12:15:47 by LordPain96

I have a medal addiction.
You see my medals?

Holy shit.
I can't keep track of this crap.


2008-10-31 11:56:50 by LordPain96

Hey, i'm LordPain96. I review submissions here, and save or blam movies, but i don't upload
flash submissions. if i ever DO get the full flash MX version, then i might be able to submit.
But for now, it's just the regular stuff.